Our concierge services immerse guests in the authentic essence of Santorini, through bespoke unforgettable experiences. Designed to cater to your every need and desire. Our experienced professionals will make sure everything is ready-to-go, from the minute you arrive at Utopia Villas, up to your departure.



Weddings & Honeymoon
The most special day of your life deserves to be unique and dreamy. The people of Utopia Villas, in collaboration with professional event planners, can provide you the wedding of your dreams in the majestic scenery of Santorini. Share with us your perspective of the ideal wedding and, together, we will make this day unforgettable.

Nearby activities
One can have a full experience visiting the unique island of Santorini through activities that stimulate all the senses. A variety of activities, sights, tastes, and pleasures await, and they are all meant for you to experience. Utopia Villas staff is here to help you with any information regarding your stay on the island and guide you to the designated sites with safety and privacy. We can book and organize the ideal tours and activities for you.

Thirean Ancient History and Museums
The island of Santorini has a rich history that you can get acquainted with while visiting the archaeological site in Akrotiri and Ancient Thira. Our staff can organize a guided thematic tour for you.

Santorini is worldwide famous for its unusual volcanic landscape. The one side of the island consists of the cliffs of the caldera, right above the sunken crater of the volcano. You have admired this landscape and its sunset in countless breathtaking pictures. Take the chance to get to this breathtaking place. You can revisit it as many times as you wish during your stay in Utopia Villas, since it is less than 10 minutes away.

Across the Aegean sea
Utopia team along with trusted experts can offer you exclusive treatment with yacht cruises to explore Santorini and the treasures of the Cyclades, the many neighboring islands such as Thirasia, Anafi. Cruise along the impressive coasts of Santorini in a luxury vessel while enjoying the stunning landscape and azure clear waters.


Wine tours/ Wine tasting
Santorini is a land with a long tradition in vine cultivation and winemaking. Wine degustation sessions will give you the chance to experience the taste and discover some of the most stunning wines in the world. We offer you the option to taste the unique wine varieties with guided visits to local renowned wineries to learn about the island’s unique volcanic terroir and Santorini’s centuries-old history of wine-growing. You can book tasty tours and experience some of the finest wines of Santorini.

Car Hiring – Transfers
If you choose to arrive in Santorini without your vehicle, we can ease your stay by offering car hire. In Utopia Villas, we can provide a private transfer service with a chauffeur upon request.