Utopia Villas are much more than a vacation experience. We are here to welcome you in our earthy version of utopia, share our vision around wellbeing, provide you the space to find your inner self and, serenity and enjoy everything that these luxury villas have to offer. Choose from a variety of facilities, including indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, Hair & Beauty pampering, and personal training sessions, and rejuvenate your senses. 



Indoor Jacuzzis
In every room Here in Utopia Villas, we believe in the revitalizing potential of the water element. Therefore, every villa has its indoor Jacuzzi uniquely sculpted inside the old building shell. Escape the strains of everyday life while lowering your body into your private Jacuzzi and let it embrace you in its liquidity.

Outdoor Jacuzzis
Enjoy our outdoor Jacuzzis under the bright Greek sun or the starry night sky, have relaxing massage sessions by professional therapists and pamper yourself during your vacations. Enjoy this unique experience of our outdoor Jacuzzis, with a view of the village of Karterados.

Massage Therapies
Utopia Villas is your relaxing getaway. Let yourself be carried away with massages, couples’ sessions, and feet washing rituals, rejuvenating facial and body treatments. (*pre-booking service)

Tailor-made beauty
(hair, makeup and nails treatments)
Vacation is all about spoiling yourself. Devote one day to beauty treatments, and experts will make sure that you feel radiant and fully rejuvenated.(*pre-booking service)